Home of Rotary District 5340’s Vocational Service Initiative – Rotary Room 711!

“They profit most who serve best” ~ 2004, R. I. the Council on Legislation (secondary motto)
Our “vocations” (from the Latin vocare meaning “to call”) tap into our emotions, beliefs, values, skills, talents and strengths. Our vocations might be considered the “life blood” of Rotary which binds Rotarians together, and might even be considered the foundation for the success of all Rotary programs.

At Rotary meetings, we introduce ourselves with our name and classification (vocation) which helps identify us to others about “who we are” and “what we do.”

Our “work” is a common denominator of humanity around the globe – regardless of political system or culture or religious faith – our work, our vocation, provides us the ethical means to provide for our families and to build self-esteem within ourselves.


sheldon1921“He profits most who serves best” ~ Arthur Sheldon, 1909 adopted by R. I. (secondary motto)

Manier“Fundamentally, Rotary is a philosophy of life that undertakes to reconcile the ever present conflict between the desire to profit for one’s self and the duty and consequent impulse to serve others.  The philosophy is the philosophy of service– Service Above Self — and is based on the practical ethical principle that “He Profits Most Who Serves Best.” Will Manier Past RI President 1936-37